Customer Feedbacks

Chris Brewer

As always excellent service. I don't want to just take it for
granted. So, THANK YOU for your hard work and attentiveness!


George Nitti

I have the utmost confidence in your products and services.
Your prompt responses to my tickets has been consistent
good since working with you. Thanks so much.


Michael Washington

You guy's have the best service out of numerous hosts that I
am or have been affiliated with.


James Anelay

They have without doubt the best customer service of any host I have been with and possibly any company I have dealt with


Niall Strickland

Very fast, very friendly, very efficient and a class above
your competitors. Well done!


Lavoria Jones

I went through several VPS providers before Imageleet. This
is the best service ever! There's rarely any downtime at all and the
customer service is the quickest and best I have ever seen.

They really know how to take care of customers. Thanks so much!


Shams Tabrez

As always you guys are always great. Issues resolved and everything
well explained. Commendable effort. Thanks


Jessie Williams

Very impressed with how you guys continued to follow through,
even though my domain transfer 'hold up' was due to another host.
Good job!


Joseph Goncalves

Imageleet's Customer Service team is always courteous,
responsive, and result-oriented! Thank you for your continued


Amaru Sakur

Your support has been the best i have ever seen


Shiela Cain

I've been working on the internet since 1998 and have never
worked with a company that responds as quickly as Imageleet.  Their
technicians are ready to jump in an tackle any problem I have.


Hamidah Ali

Service and response time has always been very important to
me and for that, Imageleet has always come first when I recomment
hosts to others.

Great service, awesome up-time, very helpful staff and always there to
help even in the smallest things.


Ross Gault

You guys provide a high level of customer service! Not many
hosts would help set up the server much less answer our questions in
10-15 minutes on a holiday.
Thanks sooo much for your help!


Stephan Shmidt

After having had real bad support beyond the 30-day-money
back-warranty at my last webhost, my initial expectation were low and
I got surprised by Imageleet. And you keep me surprising with your
enthousiastic support team. I only can guess you are small company
with highly motivated staff. At least a comparably constant level of
service never occurred to me in contact with any bigger organization.



EXCELLENT! Will recommend you guys to anyone who wants hosting